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Money-Saving Hacks for Coffee Lovers

If you are someone who cannot start your day without grabbing your favorite java from the London coffee shops, then you might be spending a considerable chunk of your budget on the drink. Being a coffee addict does not have to expensive. There are many ways to save money without cutting down on your caffeine consumption. We have made a list of useful tips that will help you reduce your coffee bills.

Make Coffee at Home

Making coffee at home is not that hard. A small espresso machine is available at the price of 10 cups of coffee from a café. High-quality coffee beans are also available in all price ranges, and you can even buy flavored syrups if you like fancy coffee drinks. It might rack a massive bill for the first time, but in the long run, you will end up saving more money than you spend. They both taste the same anyway.

Use Condiments Instead

Instead of ordering the expensive fancy drinks, it is much cheaper to go for a cup of black coffee from the London coffee shops. They always have various condiments such as milk, creamers, and sugar on hand, so you can try adding them to get the desired taste. You can create your latte from a simple brew without having to pay for it.

Buy the Flavoring

You can add natural flavors to your coffee by adding a cinnamon stick, dehydrated fruit, or whatever flavor you prefer while grinding coffee beans. If you do not grind coffee beans at home, then the syrups that you pay extra for are available in large bottles in grocery stores. You can get the same taste as your favorite coffee shop right at home.

Freeze Leftover Coffee into Ice Cubes

Instead of throwing coffee leftover in the pot, it is more sustainable to freeze them into ice cubes for reusing. The popsicles are a great way to make iced coffee or cold coffee drinks without watering them down. It might seem too much, but the coffee would have gone to waste either way, so it's a great hack for hot summer days.

These are some ways to save money without stifling your coffee urges. Coffee is much better when you freshly roast the beans at home and brew your cup. It is better for your wallet and the environment since there is less coffee cup/stirrer waste. If you are on a tight budget, then these habits may help you spend more wisely.

6 November, 2020
A Look into Naturally Sweet Coffee and its Brewing Process

It is a lesser-known fact, but not all coffee tastes bitter, and some coffee grounds can be naturally sweet. Those who own a French Press are aware of this, but some do not realize it until they visit a coffee shop that perfectly brews their coffee beans. Coffee lovers need to realize that they might not be exploring their beverage's full flavor potential and can significantly improve their drinking experience.

Coffee Beans Have Sugar

Naturally, sweet coffee tastes sweet without adding creamers, sugar, or any other sweetener. All types of coffee beans contain natural sugars since they start as fruit. The coffee bean is the fruit's pit, and the raw version contains sucrose, glucose, xylose, and other forms of sugar. The coffee bean species determines how much sugar it has. Arabica has a higher sucrose content than Robusta beans, and the pits from ripe coffee fruits are generally sweeter than the overripe variety.

Roasting Sweet Coffee Beans

The reason you might not have tasted the sugar in plain coffee is that roasting removes all the sugar, fat, and carbohydrates from all types of coffee beans. The temperature at which baristas roast the beans breaks down all the natural sugars. Ideally, the roasting should occur at a temperature of 150-200°C. The heat and sugar react together to bring out the aroma and change the color of the beans. Dark roasts have more caramelized sugars because they heat them at a higher temperature and more extended.

Brewing Sweet Coffee

Even if we roast the beans to perfection, the brewing brings out the natural sweetness in coffee. If you brew the coffee for too long, it leads to over-extraction, giving the beverage a bitter flavor. The extraction takes place when the coffee beans meet the water, and it is this process that brings out the flavors.

The perfect brewing of coffee will bring out all the flavor notes, including the beans' sweetness. Some notes, such as fruity or chocolatey ones, will be sweeter in tone than the others. A light roast is generally fruitier, while a darker roast has chocolatey flavors. The preference for roasts depends on the person's flavor palettes. You can only feel the notes unique to a roast when the brewing process complements them. Learning the right way to brew coffee is an art that every coffee lover should invest in more.

28 October, 2020
What is Green Coffee and Why You Should Try it

Green coffee beans are slowly gaining popularity in caffeine circles because of their unique taste and multiple health benefits. Technically it is just an unroasted coffee bean, freshly plucked from the coffee fruit. The green coffee bean does not look or smell like regular coffee beans, and in its essence, it is just a seed.

The coffee bean that we all are familiar with emerges during the roasting period. Heating the beans to a specific temperature gives them a brown appearance and aromatic smell. The natural sugars in the bean caramelize, which gives them the taste we all covet.

Green Coffee for Everyone

Since green coffee has a different smell and taste, it is the perfect drink for those who don’t like regular coffee. Green coffee beans do not have a rich flavor and are milder than coffee, which can be refreshing for some people. The consistency is more similar to tea, and the taste is somewhere in between. 

Studies have proven that coffee is not injurious to health and many experts recommend drinking it daily for the benefits. Those who were missing out on the good in coffee because of their aversion to its taste no longer have to feel left out. Green coffee beans can be their gateway into the world of caffeine and everything it has to offer.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Green coffee is high in chlorogenic acid, which is a fantastic antioxidant. One cup of regular coffee contains almost 70-350mg of the ingredient, and unroasted coffee beans have a much higher concentration. CGA is one of the ways to reduce blood pressure naturally. It also helps maintain a healthy body and can promote weight loss, so it is popular among those on a diet.

Preparing Green Coffee

There are two ways to make green coffee. The first one involves grinding coffee beans into a powder and then adding hot water to it. You can brew the mixture for 10 minutes before straining it using a sieve.

The coffee beans are usable as a whole, and you need to soak them in water overnight before boiling. When the water comes to a boil, let it simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. After it cools down, you can sieve the mixture and serve.

Green coffee tastes excellent on its own, but it can also be mixed with other ingredients to give it an added kick. A teaspoon of honey can bring sweetness to it, or you can use it as a base for lemonade or other refreshing fruity drinks. There are multiple combinations, and the possibilities go as far as your imagination takes you.

28 October, 2020
How to Sample Coffee Like a Professional Connoisseur

Coffee sampling, also known as cupping, is the art of understanding and appreciating the subtle taste, fragrance, and nuances of coffee and its beans. It is a way to understand the different types of coffee beans and enjoy the taste by indulging in everything the beverage offers.

You can do it alone at home or hold a session for fellow java lovers and create your little club. There is no need for specialty machines because the cupping session does not require filtered coffee. Many London coffee shops and café host cupping sessions, too, where they invite "Master Testers" from around the globe. 

Smell the Beans

The first step is to smell the beans before brewing the coffee. It usually requires freshly ground coffee beans because it is easier to identify the aroma when the coffee is ground. You will be able to identify some of the flavors during the first smell, which will help identify them in the taste. 

Pour and Smell

The second smelling is after we pour hot water over the grounds but only enough to cover them. It takes a minute for the coffee to bloom and release all the gases, after which you can pour in more hot water and let it steep for 4 minutes. After the time has elapsed, you can smell the coffee again and use your impressions to describe the smells. We recommend getting your nose as close to the liquid as possible for the best results.

Third Smell

After we remove the coffee grounds floating on the surface of the coffee and smell the pour underneath the grounds, the final smelling is after we remove the coffee grounds. It releases another burst of aroma, and each smelling adds another level of complexity to the flavor and elevates the senses.


The final round is tasting the beverage to allow your taste buds to take in everything you have been smelling. During this step, you take out all the grounds floating on the surface, discard them, and then use a spoon to sip the coffee. Let the coffee sit on your tongue and move over every region before you swallow to identify all the flavors. Savor the taste and then talk about first impressions, after which you can enjoy your coffee. 

A cupping session can have different types of coffee beans for sampling, but mostly it is about getting together with friends and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. It is not a competition, and there are no right or wrong answers because everyone has a different palate. The purpose of this activity is to enjoy coffee and broaden your knowledge of the beverage and explore London coffee shops

28 October, 2020
The Ultimate Guide to All the Popular Coffee Drinks

A lot of people have a minimal point of view when it comes to coffee. They do not realize that there is a whole world of coffee beyond the straight black kind. There are so many types of coffee drinks to try, and they all appeal to a specific audience. Some drinks are strongly caffeinated, while others use flavours to make them taste sweeter. Here is a list of the most popular variations of coffee and their descriptions. 


Black coffee is a simple affair, and it involves steeping ground coffee beans in hot water. It is a warm beverage, but it is the easiest to make and the most common breakfast staple item. It is called black coffee, but the proper, fancy name is café noir. 


The Americano tastes very much like black coffee, but you make it using a shot of espresso. It requires the select sort of coffee beans, and the espresso is diluted with water to make it less caffeinated. The barista pours the shot of espresso first and then adds hot water to it.


The shot of espresso is highly caffeinated because the pressurized hot water passes through the coffee grounds. It is the base in many types of coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.


The second most popular caffeinated beverage is the latte which consists of a shot of espresso topped off with foamy steamed milk. It is enjoyed on its own or with a pump of flavours such as vanilla, caramel or pumpkin spice.


Cappuccino follows a method similar to a latte, but it uses more foam and less steamed milk. Some coffee joints sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon on top of it as well. There are variations where they use cream instead, and you can also add a flavour shot to the drink.


The macchiato also uses a shot of espresso as the base with some foam on top. It is not as concentrated as a double shot of espresso but more caffeinated than the cappuccino.


Chocolate and coffee lovers prefer the mocha, which is a chocolate flavoured espresso drink served with steamed milk and foam. It has a subtle yet sweet flavour of chocolate in every sip.

Flat White

The flat white is the Australian version of the cappuccino and its served without any foam or sprinkles. The espresso-based drink has only steamed milk on top.


Ice cream lovers will rejoice because the affogato contains a scoop of ice cream over a shot or two of espresso. The delicious coffee drink uses the dairy content in the ice cream as a substitute for milk. It tastes extra delightful paired with a brownie. 

22 October, 2020
4 Coffee Tools Your Kitchen Needs

Coffee is an essential part of everyone's morning ritual. While some of us are alright with letting the automatic Nespresso UK coffee maker do the job, others take the art of brewing coffee very seriously. They find peace in grinding their coffee beans and letting the grounds steep in hot water until it extracts all the flavors and antioxidants.

You don’t need to be an expert to brew all types of coffee drinks, but you need the right equipment. Some necessary coffee tools can elevate the coffee-drinking experience for every coffee fan should have. You can have the perfect cup at home any time with these accessories.

         Coffee Grinder

You can buy pre-ground beans from the store, but it is not the same as grinding them yourself. Buying a coffee grinder is the simplest change you can make to your coffee making routine. There are many metal blade grinders available in stores, but a conical shaped one can better control the coarseness of the coffee grinds. You can use your favorite types of coffee beans and roasts with this grinder and experiment until you achieve the right consistency and texture.

          Digital Scale

For the perfectionists, getting everything right is as important as the taste. A nicely brewed cup the different types of coffee drinks requires the exact amount of coffee, and though playing it by ear works for most people, you need to measure it on a scale for the ideal amount. The precision is key to achieving the ideal ratio of coffee to hot water, so the coffee is neither too weak nor too bitter.


The AeroPress is a small and lightweight equipment that can turn your kitchen into a café. It can be taken anywhere and works similar to a French press by pushing the beans through a circular coffee filter. It is a no-mess coffee brewing method, and a simple rinse can make it suitable to go for the next use. The AeroPress brews a smooth and robust coffee cup using all types of coffee beans and takes time off your hands.

          Pour-over Kettle

Pour-over coffee might sound as simple as pouring hot water over a filter filled with coffee, but it is much more than that. It would help if you had the right kettle to release all the fruity, woody, and floral flavors in your beans like the Nespresso UK machine. A kettle with a gooseneck and a narrow spout will allow better control over the water distribution. It helps the coffee release the gases and then evenly pour over the beans to brew a strong cup.

20 October, 2020
A Breakdown of the Different Coffee Roasting Profiles

Coffee roasting isn't just a fancy technique; it's the craft of preparing coffee beans to get the coveted taste of your favorite Nespresso UK brew. Apart from the taste, roasting determines the acidity, aroma, and body of the beverage. There are 4 different roasting types characterized by the roasting temperature and duration. We break down the different types of roasts in this article to help you decide which one is right for you.

Light Roast

In a light roast, you roast the beans until they start cracking. Different types of coffee beans are light-colored and dry, and they make very light coffee. The flavor is acidic, and there is no way of telling if they are roasted beans at all. Contrary to popular belief, light roasts are not inferior, and they have a distinct floral and fruity aroma. The lightly roasted coffee beans are not oily at all, which is one of their recognizable traits.

Medium Roast

A medium roast will look dry, but they are much sweeter than a light roast. Roasting the beans for longer adds more flavor and cuts down on the acidity. The coffee is more full-bodied and has a condensed flavor profile. Medium roasts are great for people who enjoy the distinct bitterness of coffee, balanced out with the aroma and flavors of the drink. 


Medium-Dark Roast

Medium-dark roasts are dark brown in color and slightly oily in appearance. There is no acidity in the flavor, and this extended roasting enhances the aromas. The flavorful coffee beans offer a bittersweet after taste, but the coffee is described as heavy by some people. However, those who like the medium-dark roast enjoy it for the creamy texture and extensive flavor profile. 

Dark Roast

Dark roasts are the most common types of coffee beans and are instantly recognizable. The beans are very oily in appearance, and their black, shiny represents a different flavor profile. Those who love bitter coffee will enjoy dark roasts for all they offer. The well-roasted beans have spicy and sharp notes that give and extra zing. The coffee is not acidic, and there are traces of oil in the full-bodied java as you swallow a sip. Dark roasts are commonly used for espressos and are available in finely ground forms at Nespresso UK and other brands.

20 October, 2020
A Guide to Buying Coffee Beans for Your Moka Pot

The Moka pot is not as popular as other coffee-making techniques because it tends to be more bitter. There is a lot of debate in specialty coffee circles regarding Moka pot coffee's merits, but there are better ways to brew the beverage in a Moka pot and make it according to your liking.

TheHotSip has compiled a guide to buying the right beans to get the best coffee from your Moka pot. Whether you are a professional barista or a beginner to coffee making, these tips will help you make specialty coffee that suits your taste buds.

The Grind

Like with all other types of coffee drinks, the grind affects the extraction and, ultimately, the coffee flavor. If the grounds are too coarse, your beverage will be watery, acidic, and weak, but if they are overground, the coffee will be bitter with a burnt taste.

For a Moka pot, a medium to fine grind is the best coffee. It should be more refined as a rule of thumb than the one you use for pour-over but coarser than the one for espresso. Grinding your coffee at home guarantees the best results and ensures your coffee is freshly brewed every time. However, one benefit of the Moka pot is that it brews flavorful coffee even with pre-ground beans as long as it is the right size.

The Roast

Another name for the Moka pot is stovetop espresso maker because it also brews concentrated coffee. That is why the same roast profiles go well with either of the brewing techniques. A medium to dark roast makes richer and more flavorful types of coffee drinks. Roasts with notes of chocolatey, nutty are usually low in acid and have better mouthfeel. The Moka pot highlights these flavors and makes an excellent full-bodied java.  

Lighter roasts lead to uneven extraction and have a higher acidity level, so it is not ideal for a Moka pot. However, if you prefer sharp, acidic flavors associated with lighter roasts, you can try it with the Moka pot. Just make sure the grind size is precisely right and pack the filter basket with care.

The Beans

The Moka pot is an Italian brewing method, and it symbolizes Italy's coffee culture. The equipment is even on display in art design museums because of its traditional significance. If you do not know which brand of coffee beans to buy, then consider an Italian company. They have experience in Moka pot coffee and roast their beans to make them suitable for the conventional brewing technique. 

20 October, 2020
How to Buy the Right Coffee Beans for a French Press

The French Press is a coffee maker that requires manual brewing giving the person more control over the device. You will measure the ingredients, grind your coffee beans, pour in the water, and time it to press the plunger when it has brewed.

One of the most common mistakes people make is using pre-ground coffee for the French Press. Even though there are some excellent ground coffee options at Nespresso UK, it is not the right coffee to use with the French Press. If you want to extract the maximum flavor and enjoy the subtle notes, then freshly ground coffee beans are the way to go.

Freshly Ground

All types of coffee beans can remain fresh for several weeks, but the grinds lose their freshness within half an hour. Ideally, it would be best if you ground your coffee beans right before brewing them. Old and stale coffee would not be any good with the French Press. 

Medium to Coarse Grind

A coarser grind is preferred by the French Press method because the extraction requires maximum surface area in contact with the water to be effective. A coarser grind also helps release the gases during steeping and enhances the finished product's flavor and makes the best coffee

Pre-ground coffee is more suited for an espresso machine, and most coffee brands available at grocery stores grind their beans too finely ground for the French Press. The finer grind sieves through the mesh filter and settles at the bottom of the cup, giving the coffee a gritty taste. All that sludge will also make it difficult to push down the plunger and might break your machine. 

Medium to Dark Roast

Theoretically, all types of coffee beans and roasts work well with the French Press. Most baristas prefer using a medium to dark Roast because they have the highest oil content, leading to a more flavorful coffee cup. However, you can choose your beans based on your personal preferences as long as they are not older than two weeks. 

Bottom Line

For the best coffee made with a French Press, you need to do everything from scratch. Grind the coffee beans using your mechanical or electric grinder. They are a great piece of equipment to have in the kitchen and won't put a dent in your budget. 

Another option is to buy the coffee from a local Nespresso UK shop and ask them to grind them coarsely for you. The coffee shops use commercial-sized grinders that have the option to make the grind for a French Press.

But for a fresh cup of coffee, there is nothing better than grinding the coffee beans yourself. 

20 October, 2020
Selecting the Best Coffee For Your Espresso Machine

Espresso is a highly caffeinated beverage that is served in small cups and known for its strong taste. With the advent of personal espresso machines like those by Nespresso, UK people can now make it at home. These machines use a pressurized system to run almost booking water through coffee grinds. It is essential to choose the right coffee beans and roast to have the perfect cup of espresso. 

The Roast

All types of roasts are suitable for making espresso but got the best results to go for the darker roasts. Another great option is the French roast because it provides the taste and body expected from an espresso.

Suppose you are not a fan of dark roasts, then the next best choice if the medium roast. It does not have the bitterness associated with a dark roast, but you can still make a decent espresso with it.

The Coffee Beans

Once you have made your decision about the roast, you need to select the coffee beans. There are a variety of beans that work well with the Nespresso UK espresso machines. The most popular choices are Colombian and Ethiopian coffee beans.

You can also blend different types of beans to get the flavor notes from both. One bean's characteristics can be balanced with the other as long as you are familiar with both of them. Selecting the right beans for your espresso is the key to a refreshing cup of delicious, thick espresso.

 A Special Blend

There are many reasons cafés prefer a blend of coffee beans for their espresso instead of regular coffee. It has a lot to do with the traditional espresso, which uses a darker roast than other types of coffee drinks. The unique blend is vital because it offers more flavor notes than regular coffee beans and produces the coveted espresso flavor.  

Shots of espresso also go in in milk-based coffee drinks like cappuccino, lattes, and Nespresso iced coffee. The darker roast can cut through the creamy milk and make the drink still taste like coffee. If you plan on making other types of coffee drinks, you should buy a darker blend.

Single-origin coffee beans are the popular choice for filter coffee machines and French press, but a blend still favors the espresso. It is much cheaper to buy a blend than single-origin beans, and because espresso is made in larger quantities when used to make Nespresso iced coffee, it saves money in the long run.  

20 October, 2020
The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Good Quality Coffee

No matter how many coffee tools and accessories you buy for brewing, it will all be in vain unless you get high-quality coffee beans to go along with them. The beans affect the flavor, body, and strength of the beverage. If you are not investing in the best coffee beans, your coffee experience is not yet complete.

The first half of the challenge is selecting the right blend of coffee beans, and the second part is storing them properly. It is essential to keep them in an airtight container even before you grind them, to preserve the delicious flavor. TheHotSip has prepared a guide on buying good quality coffee beans next time you search for "coffee roasters near me."

Choose the Whole-Beans over Pre-Ground

The most crucial ingredient for a fantastic cup of coffee is whole beans. The brewing requires tweaking the grind's coarseness to suit your extraction method, and that is not possible if the coffee is pre-ground. The whole beans remain fresh for longer and do not lose their flavors for a long time. The coffee you brew using whole beans will be more aromatic and full-bodied. The ground coffee often dries out and becomes stale sitting on the Nespresso store shelf.

Buy Coffee in Sealed Airtight Containers

Many of the best coffee beans do not come in airtight packaging, and they also lose their aroma and flavor. The beans oxidize in the air if there is no proper seal. Look for airtight packaging, so you do not miss out on all the flavor notes. If your preferred coffee brand does not do airtight packaging, then buy a bag roasted earlier than two weeks ago.

Check the Roast Date It is essential to check the roast date before you buy coffee, so you know that its fresh. If there is no date printed on the bag, then ask the barista. A good barista like the ones at the Nespresso store would know the date of roasting because they know that the flavor and quality of coffee depend on it. 

Ask about the Coffee Source

Even if you are buying pre-ground coffee or a blend, ask the barista about the beans' source. If a coffee shop cares about its products, it will have all the ingredients and sourcing information. A company passionate about coffee will educate its employees on it too. They will know about the different roasting styles, beans, and other factors that can affect your coffee cup. If you are disappointed by their answers, then look for places beyond the search results for "coffee roasters near me."

20 October, 2020
The Best Beans for Pour Over Coffee

Pour-over coffee is a specialty coffee that has taken the world of coffee by storm. It is the method of choice for home baristas for its simplified tools and manual brewing method. Pour-over coffee is also known as drip coffee, and it is a straightforward way to make great java.

The technique includes pouring hot water on coffee grounds laid out on a filter and letting it drip down into the mug. The pouring by hand is what makes this brewing technique different from the rest. It was first introduced in Europe in the 1900s and is in vogue once again after gaining popularity amongst coffee enthusiasts.

There is a lot of debate over the best technique and equipment for pour-over coffee, but one thing everyone can agree on is the grind. Once you have all the equipment that you decided on, you need to choose the beans. At TheHotSip, we have a few tips on what to consider when looking at different types of coffee beans.

The Roast

The pour-over method is excellent for highlighting the subtle notes and aromas in coffee beans, so a light roast is ideal for it. Coffee beans with the brightest and most acidic flavors have a roast profile suitable for pour-over. You can also choose medium to dark roasts, but lightly roasted beans with subtle flavors are the ones you should look for when you Google "coffee roasters near me."

The Grind

The size of the coffee grounds makes all the difference in flavor extraction. For an infusion method like pour-over coffee, the coffee is in contact with water for a shorter time, so we require a larger surface area to extract all the antioxidants and nutrients. There is only a little time before the water drips down into the cup; that is why you need a coarser grind.

Experts recommend beginning with a medium grind and then do a taste test to determine whether you need to adjust the coffee grounds' coarseness. If the coffee is weak and sour, make it finer, but if it is bitter and has no sweet notes, you have gone too far.

Bottom Line

You can try different types of coffee beans as long as they are of a lighter roast, and the package is not more than two weeks old. You can grind the coffee beans at home or search for “coffee roasters near me” and have them ground by the barista. A good quality burr grinder can get you the consistency you need for different coffee extraction methods, and the fresher the grounds, the better the coffee. 

20 October, 2020
The Best Coffee Shops in London for Your Next Caffeine Fix

London is a fast-growing metropolitan city made up of 32 boroughs, each one different from the last. You can describe the city as sleek, trendy, and even rustic, which is what the coffee scene is like too. The map is full of great coffee shops and espresso bars, and if you looked up "coffee shops near me," you would find half a dozen. We have narrowed it down to a favorite few for those who are unfamiliar with the city. Opinions may differ, but these are a good starting point for tourists and newcomers to the world of coffee.

          Kaffeine (15 Eastcastle Street, London)

Kaffeine has been around a long time, but they recently revamped their shop to adopt a minimalist vibe. They have stuck to a monochrome color scheme with hints of blond and beige. Their coffee menu changes each week, featuring different types of coffee but the flat white being the star. Patrons keep returning because of their impressive espresso machine, which is the best that money can buy. The neon-yellow sign outside is hard to miss, and you will recognize it anywhere.

          Department of Coffee and Social Affairs (6 Lamb Street, London)

Department of coffee takes their customers very seriously and offers the best coffee drinking experience by showing they care. They have an exact science for brewing their espresso and use single-sourced Colombian or Rwandan coffee beans. Apart from their high-quality beans and rustic interior, patrons value DSC for their humanitarian work in the UK and abroad and return to show their support.

          SL28 (11 Ronalds Road, London)

You might have heard of a members-only nightclub or country club, but there is now an exclusive specialty café in London. SL28 is a coffee house that also serves as a co-working space for London's hustlers. For a membership fee of £10/month, members get access to space with three delicious coffee cups on the house. They have a range of coffee machines and equipment with beans imported from all over the world so that you can try all types of coffee under one roof. If you are tired of the same old places when you look up “coffee shops near me," then venture out to Ronalds Road for a unique experience.

          Curators Coffee Gallery (9A Cullum Street, London)

Curators Coffee Gallery is a refreshing addition to the London café scene with a meticulously curated art gallery's vibe.  There are painting on the walls, and the space has white surfaces polished till they are gleaming. The green from the succulents adds a splash of color to the interior as well. They have a list of house and guest espressos with unique flavor notes, making it some of the best coffee in the city.

20 October, 2020
How to Make the Popular Cold Brew Coffee At Home

There is a cold and refreshing caffeinated drink for warm summer days when it is too hot for a warm beverage. The cold brew is the perfect way to reenergize and beat the heat at the same time. Cold brews are very popular at London coffee shops and are available as instant drinks in grocery stores too. But I bet you didn’t know how easy they are to make at home. It is much healthier and cheaper to learn how to make them yourself according to your liking.

The Good Thing About Cold Brew

The brewing technique for cold brew coffee is not like that of regular filter coffee. There is a common misconception that it is drip coffee served over ice. Making cold-brew takes over several hours at room temperature. You don’t need to add hot water, and you steep the coffee in water for at least 12-15 hours. 

The slow brewing process makes the drink less bitter and acidic. It has is a full-bodied drink with sweeter flavours and enhances the aromas of different types of coffee beans. The cold brew tastes best when it is on the rocks. The most exciting thing about this type of coffee is that you can prepare it in advance and enjoy it the entire week. So you can meal prep your brew on the weekend and pour it out on your way to work.

The Recipe

Making a cold brew is very easy, and all you need is coffee beans, water and a glass jug or container. The best grind for this recipe is a medium-coarse consistency.

           Add the coffee grounds to the water in a ratio of 1:4 to your glass container.

           Let it steep overnight in your kitchen for at least 12 hours.

           When you are ready to drink, strain the mixture into a mug.

           Don’t forget to add ice and milk to dilute your concentrated coffee mixture.

The best thing about a cold brew is you can store the strained mixture in the refrigerator for up to a week and use it whenever necessary. The concentrate should, however, be diluted with equal parts milk or ice to prevent feeling jittery all day. A tip from the London coffee shops is to use filtered water and let it cool in the refrigerator before serving.

 Cold brew is so easy to make, and its surprising more people don’t try it out at home. There is no special equipment required, and you can make it using all types of coffee beans and roasts. 

20 October, 2020
Ingenious Ways to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

There are calls for cutting down on waste and reusing everything by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. This initiative has also made its way into the world of caffeine because coffee beans are a natural product. There are many ways you can use coffee grounds once they've served their purpose. Not only coffee grounds but the contents of the Nespresso capsules and espresso capsules are also recyclable. 

Feed the Earth

Since coffee also grows from the ground, you can put it in the compost bin with other kitchen scraps. Coffee is an excellent activator for the compost and is useful for attracting earthworms. They use it to assist with digestion, and it allows them to work more actively on transforming the compost. Another incredible tip for those who have a garden is to use coffee as a fertilizer. Its acidic nature will promote the growth of vegetables and flowers. However, please don't go overboard and only use a handful of coffee for every kg of topsoil and use it once a month.

Coffee beans are a natural pesticide which repels snails, slugs, ants, caterpillars, mosquitoes and fleas. They are not only useful in driving away pesky insects but also prevent cats from ruining your flower patch.  

Take Care of Your Skin

If you need a DIY skincare hack, then look no further than coffee. It is a chemical-free exfoliant that can be used by all skin types. Coffee can rescue your skin and also cut down the money you spend on expensive creams and scrubs.

Coffee grounds are good for cleansing the face and unclogging pores. It fights off the dullness of your skin and promotes a one-toned complexion. Just mix your coffee grounds with any natural oil like coconut, olive or almond and massage it onto your face and neck. Use circular motions and gently work the mixture on to your face then rinse with warm water. It is an all-natural skin remedy that is mild for the skin and poses fewer risks of allergic reactions.

Clear the Air

Instead of tossing the coffee grounds in the trash, you can use them for cleaning the house. Coffee is the best way to get rid of stubborn smells because it masks any other scents. You can air out a room, remove the smell of onions from the kitchen or get rid of unwanted scents from the fridge by placing a bowl of coffee in that place. It will take to weeks, but once the smell is gone, it will be like it was never there. If the smell happens to return you can add freshly used Nespresso capsules to the bowl.

20 October, 2020
The 3 Flavor Components of a Well-Balanced Coffee

Coffee is similar to wine because of the diverse flavour profiles and the importance associated with the balance between them. Every coffee lover agrees that the complexity of the taste is what makes them a fan of the beverage. There are 800 flavour components for coffee, and each one is distinct and aromatic. The coffee beans determine the flavour, but the preference depends on a person’s taste buds.

A Balanced Coffee

The combination of sensations determines the flavour of a beverage. How people perceive the aroma and fusion of taste describes the flavour profile. For the different types of coffee beans, it is a combination of acidity, bitterness and sweetness balanced in such a way that neither of them overpowers the others. However, some coffees are known for their unique flavours which focus on one or more of the characteristics. 


A beginner to coffee might confuse the acidic taste of coffee for bitterness, but they are two entirely different things. To identify acidity, you should focus on the sensations felt by the sides of the tongue. Typically Arabica coffee beans and other variations that are grown at high altitudes are acidic. Many coffee connoisseurs appreciate these beans for their particularly acidic flavour.


The taste buds located on the tip of the tongue and the back of the mouth recognize bitterness. Many consider bitterness to be unpleasant, but it is sublime in coffee when it is balanced out. It adds a distinctive quality to the beverage and is what sets it apart from tea. The bitterness is a quality associated with the roasting process and the darker the coffee beans, the more bitter the taste. Robusta coffee beans contain twice as caffeine as Arabica, and when they are dark roasted, they have a more pronounced bitterness and make the strongest coffee.


We are all familiar with the sweet flavour. A delicate hint of sweetness can make even the strongest coffee taste more pleasant. The flavour is subtle, but you can feel it on your tongue. Most of the time, the sweetness in the coffee beans never makes it to the cup because of the coffee brewing technique. You can swirl around the coffee while it is brewing to allow air in and bring out the natural sweetness in the drink.

To be more in tune with the taste of coffee and recognize the different flavour profile, you have to train the palate. It takes some practice and trying out different types of coffee drinks, but once you have enough practice, you will become an expert.


20 October, 2020
The Ultimate Guide to All the Popular Coffee Drinks

A lot of people have a minimal point of view when it comes to coffee. They do not realize that there is a whole world of coffee beyond the straight black kind. There are so many types of coffee drinks to try, and they all appeal to a specific audience. Some drinks are strongly caffeinated, while others use flavours to make them taste sweeter. Here is a list of the most popular variations of coffee and their descriptions. 


Black coffee is a simple affair, and it involves steeping ground coffee beans in hot water. It is a warm beverage, but it is the easiest to make and the most common breakfast staple item. It is called black coffee, but the proper, fancy name is café noir. 


The Americano tastes very much like black coffee, but you make it using a shot of espresso. It requires the select sort of coffee beans, and the espresso is diluted with water to make it less caffeinated. The barista pours the shot of espresso first and then adds hot water to it.


The shot of espresso is highly caffeinated because the pressurized hot water passes through the coffee grounds. It is the base in many types of coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.


The second most popular caffeinated beverage is the latte which consists of a shot of espresso topped off with foamy steamed milk. It is enjoyed on its own or with a pump of flavours such as vanilla, caramel or pumpkin spice.


Cappuccino follows a method similar to a latte, but it uses more foam and less steamed milk. Some coffee joints sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon on top of it as well. There are variations where they use cream instead, and you can also add a flavour shot to the drink.


The macchiato also uses a shot of espresso as the base with some foam on top. It is not as concentrated as a double shot of espresso but more caffeinated than the cappuccino.


Chocolate and coffee lovers prefer the mocha, which is a chocolate flavoured espresso drink served with steamed milk and foam. It has a subtle yet sweet flavour of chocolate in every sip.

Flat White

The flat white is the Australian version of the cappuccino and its served without any foam or sprinkles. The espresso-based drink has only steamed milk on top.


Ice cream lovers will rejoice because the affogato contains a scoop of ice cream over a shot or two of espresso. The delicious coffee drink uses the dairy content in the ice cream as a substitute for milk. It tastes extra delightful paired with a brownie. 

20 October, 2020
3 Gifts Ideas for Your Coffee Lover Friend

Finding the perfect gift for a coffee lover is not as easy as it seems. Each of them has a different preference when it comes making a choice between Illy coffee beans and Starbucks coffee beans. There are differing opinions on the brewing technique and long-standing arguments on which form of the beverage is the most superior.

We have simplified it for you by creating a list of coffee-related gifts that everyone will love. These include staple accessories and novelty gifts that are bound to delight even the most difficult people. Whether it is the holiday season or their birthday, these presents are a sure-fire way to earn you more respect and love from the coffee fan in your life.

French Press

A French Press is a budget-friendly piece of equipment that can make an excellent gift for someone special. It is a quick way to brew a cup of delicious coffee and is available in all shapes and sizes. An excellent quality press comes with a heat resistant carafe and stainless steel plunger with a mesh filter. These filters can extract more flavor from the beans so your coffee enthusiast can enjoy aromatic, better-tasting coffee every time. 

Travel Mugs

A travel mug is an essential item for those who love drinking coffee on their commute. Many options are available, but instead of the traditional stainless steel one, choose a durable tempered glass alternative. These are available in 12-ounce cups and are very handy for our clumsy friends. The material used is durable and can survive falls as long as you don't drop them from an extended height. They can be microwaved and are available in different colors so you can choose their favorite.

Coffee Bean Subscription

Everyone knows the key to making better coffee is buying whole coffee beans instead of pre-ground. A coffee lover will cherish coffee beans' gift, but choosing the right ones can be tricky. You can ask the roaster for recommendations based on what you know about the person. However, if the choices available in Illy coffee beans and Starbucks coffee beans are too overwhelming, there are subscription services that can take care of it for you. You can gift your friend a year's supply of coffee beans without having to choose them yourself. They send the best roasts and flavors from all over the world so that it will be a new surprise every month.

20 October, 2020
5 Coffee Trends of 2020 You Should Try Immediately

Consumer trends rule every industry's market, and coffee is no different. Things are always changing up in the world of caffeine. The coffee connoisseurs are obsessed with their Lavazza coffee beans and ready to move on to the next big thing. TheHoSip is using its insight and knowledge to highlight the top coffee trends of 2020 that you have to try for yourself. 

          Going Green

The production and consumption end are both concerned about the environment and investing in sustainability. There are already incentives offered to people who bring their cup to a cafe, but now recyclable cups are making an entry. These cups have no plastic lid and are entirely biodegradable. Reusable straws have also replaced plastic straws at most restaurants and cafes. The focus is not only on the way coffee is packaged and consumed but also on its manufacturing. Research has shown that the energy used to source, process, and distribute coffee beans is 53% of the caffeine industry's total carbon footprint. Companies have set goals and are being more conscious about how they prepare their products.

Pre-Packaged Coffee

The ready-to-drink coffee has been around for quite some time, but it recently caught everyone's attention when coffee shops closed due to the pandemic. The pre-packaged brews are now available in all kinds of variations so everyone can have their favorite cup of the most robust coffee at home. You can now find your drink of choice at the nearest grocery store without having to stand in line every morning. 

          Coffee Subscription Boxes

Coffee has joined the subscription box trend too. It is much easier to pre-order your favourite bag of Lavazza coffee beans than to buy it every month. Subscribing to the service offers many premium perks you would not have been able to access if you bought it off the rack. More and more people are making their coffee at home, which is why the subscription service has become so popular. 

          Cold Coffee

Coffee is no longer just a hot beverage. Research has shown that its cold versions are growing 7.3% every year, double the rate of growth for hot coffee. There are many cold coffee forms from the simple iced latte to the strongest coffee nitro cold brew. Most coffee shops have also reported that their cold coffee drinks have been far more popular than hot beverages.

          Quality Decaffeinated Beans

Decaf coffee beans have always been subpar, which is why many people have been unsuccessful in cutting down on their caffeine consumption. Decaffeination strips the beans of their flavours, so it does not taste as good as the caffeinated version. Recently, many companies have invested in the production of high-end decaf coffee beans. It is due to the demand from the consumers as they become more aware of what they put in their bodies. Now you can have your java and sleep well at night too. 

20 October, 2020
The Best Time to Drink Coffee is Not First Thing in the Morning

Coffee is the life and blood of many a coffee fiend who believes they need their daily caffeine fix to survive. An average coffee lover will consume at least 4 cups of coffee every day. The world continues to buy more Tesco coffee beans, brew multiple java cups, and line up inside their nearest London coffee shops without realizing they are not doing themselves much good.

You can only reap the full benefits of caffeine if you consume it at the right time. According to science, the best time to drink the strongest coffee is when the body is low on cortisol. Caffeine triggers a stress response in the body, and when combined with cortisol, it can overstress you. Essentially, you will tire out instead of getting the energy boost you need. 

Follow Your Internal Clock

The most beneficial time for the strongest coffee depends on your internal clock or circadian rhythm. The human body runs on its 24-hour clock that is regulated by the environment. Daylight regulates the pattern, which is why the body awakens after the sun rises, and people tend to be more lethargic when it is cloudy outside. 

The internal clock also determines your sleep schedule, hunger, hormone production, and many other things, including cortisol levels. Cortisol production begins as soon as you wake up because you need it to become alert and feel awake. Everyone goes through several cortisol boosts throughout the day, depending on external factors.

The cortisol levels are at their peak at 8 or 9 am when you check-in for work or into class. So drinking coffee at that time can be wasted effort because your body is naturally alert. The best time to hid the London coffee shops is mid-morning or early afternoon, which usually falls between 3 to 5 hours after you wake up. It is the time when cortisol levels are low, and you need the caffeine can stimulate you and bring you back into an alert state.

When to Stop Drinking

Caffeine is known as a mental stimulant, and we drink it to try to stay awake. It can also cause disturbed sleep and anxiety if consumed at the wrong time or in large quantities.

The effects of caffeine can last up to 3 to 5 hours, depending on the person's tolerance. Consuming coffee in the late afternoon could disrupt your sleep. Experts recommend that you stop brewing the Tesco coffee beans at least 6 hours before bedtime to have a restful night. 

20 October, 2020
Coffee Beans: The Types and Their Characteristics

The coffee beans' source determines its flavour, strength, and taste. Still, if you look at the variety available at the local grocery store, you will only find bags of "Arabica coffee." It is the most common type of coffee in America and accounts for around 70% of the world's coffee production. There are other varieties of coffee beans online, but they are harder to come by.

Since Arabica coffee beans are more common, people look at their source and the roast. It helps identify the flavours and other expectations to have from the coffee, but to fully understand, we have to know more about the green coffee beans. TheHotSip has profiled each one of the coffee beans online with their unique characteristics just for you.


Since it is the most common type of coffee, you will find these beans marketed by every major brand as the best coffee bean. It has a subtle, sweet flavour and the acidity levels for Arabica are quite low. Arabica is farmed in areas high above sea level and needs plenty of rain—Brazil's rainforest, one of the major exporters of Arabica coffee beans. Since the plants are vulnerable to disease, farming them at a grander scale is not possible. It drives up the price, yet Starbucks coffee beans enthusiasts don't mind paying extra for the sweet, smooth taste.


Robusta beans are the second most popular coffee in the world and are more prevalent in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. As the name suggests, the bean has a strong flavour considered to be on the harsher side by many. The high levels of caffeine are why people prefer Robusta Starbucks coffee beans for brewing their early morning java. The Robusta coffee plant can bear all environmental conditions and does not attract pests either. The only reason it is not as popular as Arabica is because it is known to have a burnt, rubbery taste. Since it is easier to harvest, many farmers prefer it for higher profits. The primary uses for Robusta are darker roasts and economical products like the best instant coffee UK


Liberica coffee beans are scarce and require specialized climates to grow. They are only produced at smaller scales even though it is considered the best coffee bean by a small community. They have a fruity, flowery aroma and flavour notes described as "woody." Liberica coffee used to very popular when the Philippines was a US Territory. Still, a plant disease eliminated most of the bean crops, and with the Philippines declaring independence, their exports fell drastically.


Excelsa, which is technically a genus of the Liberica plant species, has a distinct enough taste to have its separate category. The Excelsa coffee bean is also grown only in Southeast Asia, and its production is deficient. The flavor is fruity and tart with qualities of both light and darker roast. Its unique flavour notes and taste profile make it a delicacy, and it is a very popular green coffee bean amongst the connoisseurs.  

20 October, 2020
4 Coffee Flavoured Desserts That Will Make Your Day Better

Coffee lovers will agree that there is no better thing than the dark and smoky taste of the best coffee beans. We need our daily caffeine fix to make it through the day, but sometimes it is just not enough. There are more creative ways to satisfy your coffee craving and your sweet tooth. Since coffee goes well with almost everything, it can accentuate the flavours of many desserts. We have compiled a list of the best coffee-flavoured desserts that will be a hit with all Tesco coffee beans aficionados and dessert connoisseurs alike.

          Fluffy Cupcakes with Coffee Cream Frosting

Cupcakes are everyone’s favourite mini dessert, and we can enjoy them at any time. A most and fluffy cupcake is irresistible on its own, but with Tesco coffee beans flavored frosting, it is divine. The cupcakes can be vanilla or chocolate flavoured and baked in large batches to enjoy them throughout the week. 

          Coffee Cheesecake

Cheesecake is already an elite dessert on its own, but adding the best coffee beans to the mix elevates it to a whole new level. The rich and creamy taste of this dessert goes down smoothly at tea time. There are many variations to the recipe, including a mocha java cheesecake or triple coffee cheesecake, which is for those who love a strong coffee kick.


Tiramisu is the ultimate coffee dessert that is on every list. It consists of layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers topped with velvety smooth cream and cocoa powder. The combination of flavours makes this Italian dessert a classic. You can enjoy it on its own or with a cup of espresso made of chocolate covered coffee beans to make your gastronomical experience even better.

          Mocha Cake

Mocha cake is sinfully delicious and can taste great on its own, but a buttercream frosting can take it over the edge. Chocolate covered coffee beans are the perfect garnishing for this delectable dessert, adding crunch and flavor to the frosting. There is no better way to impress your guests than a mocha cake with all the bells and whistles.

Traditional coffee drinkers will always go back to enjoying their well-brewed cup, but there is something about the taste of a mocha flavoured dessert that is too hard to resist. The obsession with coffee has given us some fantastic dessert ideas which are enjoyed by coffee and tea drinkers alike. 

20 October, 2020
Fancy Coffee Making Techniques for the Home-based Baristas

It is a widely accepted fact that brewing coffee by hand makes for an overall better caffeine experience. Coffee enthusiasts know making the perfect java cup takes more than just putting green coffee beans pods in the coffee maker and pressing a few buttons. The manual methods are far more superior and help extract all the flavor out of the chocolate covered coffee beans.

It is fun to use your hands to make a Starbucks coffee beans cup because you can see, feel, and smell the brew. Recently, many gourmands have hopped on the coffee-making trend, claiming grinding coffee beans provides better control over their beverage quality. There are several ways the best online coffee beans shop goes about it, and it depends on your personal preference, but each technique has a science to it.TheHotSip has summarized the four most popular styles of brewing coffee, each of which works well all types and roasts of caffeinated and decaf coffee beans. Let this serve as a guide on choosing your method for manual infusion because it introduces the tools used and tips on how to get the best brew every time using coffee beans UK.

Drip/Pour Over Coffee

The drip method is one of the oldest brewing techniques used with the best coffee beans online. It is simple, fast, and does not require costly special tools either. The coffee grounds go on top of a filter, and hot water is poured over them evenly to allow the coffee to drip into the cup. You have to place the filter inside a funnel, and the coffee can slowly collect in the container with the help of gravity. The shape of the cone or funnel and the type of filter affects the decaf coffee beans flavor and intensity.

There is a flask specifically designed to make pour-over coffee using the best coffee beans online, which comes with its filter paper. It has a carafe on the bottom so the drink can drip down into it and poured out as required. The Chemex flask is easier to use and looks much more elegant than the regular coffee funnels. If you are grinding coffee beans at home too then consider yourself an expert.

French Press

The French Press, as the name suggests, comes from France and is considered the best method to brew a flavorful cup with special grounds like chocolate covered coffee beans. Steeping the grounds can extract more flavor from the coffee beans. The press pot has a plunger that soaks the coffee in hot water, steeps it, and then strains the mixture extracting all the flavor notes and essential oils. It makes a more caffeinated brew and packed with antioxidants, so the taste is always great. Many of the best online coffee beans shops have a daily special which they brew using a French Press. Coffee lovers who want a strong and rich cup of coffee should consider using a French Press. You can find flavorful coffee beans online from exotic places which are well-suited to this technique of coffee making.

Moka Pot

If you want to make coffee from green coffee beans on the stove, then the Moka pot is the perfect way to do it. It is a small stainless steel mug that is perfect for making stovetop coffee. The pressurized steam from the boiling water passes through the Starbucks coffee beans grounds, and then the mixture simmers while the coffee brews. The even pressure helps extract all the nutrients and flavors from the beans. You can buy coffee beans online and also find an electric version of the Moka pot which is useful for making coffee on the go.   

20 October, 2020
6 Snacks You Can Enjoy with Your Coffee

Coffee tastes fantastic on its own, but many desserts can enhance the gastronomical experience. You can pair your later afternoon Jamaican blue mountain coffee with a delectable treat to get you through till dinnertime. We have compiled a list of snacks you can have with your hot/cold Lavazza coffee beans beverage that will satiate your taste buds and make that cup of joe taste even better.

1. Coffee Cake

It is an obvious choice because what goes better with the strongest coffee than the best coffee beans? A simple sponge cake dripping with Tesco coffee beans flavored icing will taste better with your java. It is a popular favorite with most of the Kenco Millicano caffeine aficionados. The semi-sweet baked dessert is light and fluffy, and the bitterness of the caffeine will come together with the flavor notes in your Nespresso pods UK drink to create a symphony in your mouth!

2. Glazed Donuts

It will sound cliched, but donuts and Lavazza coffee beans are a match made in heaven. It is acceptable to enjoy all types of donuts with the beverage. However, the simple glazed donuts work so well with the coffee that you might even see some people dunking them straight into the Kenco Millicano cup. It is considered one of the quintessential American breakfasts, but it is enjoyed all over the world.

3. Bran Muffin

We have something for those who are more conscious of their health as well. A bran muffin is a healthier alternative because it is full of fiber. The delicious bready muffin dissolves in your mouth with each sip. Can you think of a better combination than a bran muffin and the best instant coffee UK? There are so many flavors available, and you can combine them with your favorite chocolate coffee beans beverage. Take your pick from raspberry, coconut, nutmeg, blueberry, and others to make your chocolate coffee beans taste even better.

4. Toast

A beautiful plain piece of toast can taste exquisite if you have it with your Nespresso pods UK coffee. Whether it is whole wheat bread, sourdough bread, or even plain white bread, it can go well with a rich Jamaican blue mountain coffee cup. Toasting the bread adds a nice crunchy texture to it, which softens once it combines with the best coffee beans. You can use a spread of your choice if the plain toast is too bland for you. Butter, Nutella, peanut butter, fruit preserves, there are many options available.

5. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

A breakfast sandwich is the best thing you can have with the strongest coffee first thing in the morning. A fresh, hot sandwich can work well with the best instant coffee UK, and it can provide the fuel you need to get through the morning. A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is delicious on its own, but Tesco coffee beans can elevate it to another level of nutrition and taste.

6. Waffles

The waffle is the best crunchy and slightly sweet disk of goodness that you can consume with a chocolate coffee beans brew. When it is fresh out of the iron, it tastes even better and can warm you up on a cold winter day. A secret trick is to keep the waffle on top of your coffee so the steam can infuse the coffee beans flavors in the waffle and soften up the edges. 

20 October, 2020
The Secrets of Latte Art

If you love coffee, you can relate to the joy of being served a cup of latte with beautiful foam art that looks too good to drink. Latte consists of espresso shots mixed with steamed milk and the milk that creates a foam on the top of the beverage. It might not sound complicated, but there is an exact science behind it. However, anyone can acquire a skill with the right tools, the best coffee beans, and patience. Latte art, too, can be recreated at home, and TheHotSip has some put together some tips, so get you started.

According to baristas, you only need two ingredients to make a latte i.e., a shot of espresso and a good amount of milk steamed to achieve the right texture. You cannot make a latte by adding milk to regular coffee because it does not have the right consistency to create foam.

Steaming the Milk

When you are making a latte, use full-fat milk to get the best results. The milk does not need to be warm before steaming, add it directly to the pitcher. The trick is to steam it up to 140 to 180 F, so it does not boil over. Those with experience can tell when the milk is steamed by looking at it, but if you are a beginner, use the thermometer. After preparing the milk, it is good practice to tap the pitcher on a hard surface a few times, so there are no bubbles in it. Swirl the milk before you pour it in to achieve the creamy and foamy consistency that we want.

A Shot of Espresso

The kind of espresso you use affects the taste of the latte and its ability to hold the foam. The espresso beans are different and have a richer taste because it is more caffeinated. Make sure you use the right blend of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. If you do not have an espresso machine, you can also use a regular coffee maker, but you might not get the same taste you get with an espresso.

Pouring it Out

Once your espresso is in the cup and milk has been steamed, you can begin creating your masterpiece. The steamed milk has to be poured slowly but not too slow that the milk separates in the pitcher. The aerated milk will be left behind, which is what you need to create the designs. 

The pitcher has to be at the right angle, away from the Jamaican Blue Moutain coffee surface. This way, the milk can dive in instead of resting on top of the espresso. You can form your art by pouring in different patterns that will rest on top of the latte.

Another essential aspect of pouring is the height from which you drop the milk into the cup. If the spout is too close to the drink, it will not rest and skim on the liquid's surface. Pouring from above the cup can help the foam stay in shape.

Once you have control over the flow, position, and height of the pouring of steamed milk, you can create your designs and enjoy your latte masterpiece at home. A steady hand combined with the best coffee beans will help you make a better latte than any barista.  

20 October, 2020