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A Guide to Buying Coffee Beans for Your Moka Pot

The Moka pot is not as popular as other coffee-making techniques because it tends to be more bitter. There is a lot of debate in specialty coffee circles regarding Moka pot coffee's merits, but there are better ways to brew the beverage in a Moka pot and make it according to your liking.

TheHotSip has compiled a guide to buying the right beans to get the best coffee from your Moka pot. Whether you are a professional barista or a beginner to coffee making, these tips will help you make specialty coffee that suits your taste buds.

The Grind

Like with all other types of coffee drinks, the grind affects the extraction and, ultimately, the coffee flavor. If the grounds are too coarse, your beverage will be watery, acidic, and weak, but if they are overground, the coffee will be bitter with a burnt taste.

For a Moka pot, a medium to fine grind is the best coffee. It should be more refined as a rule of thumb than the one you use for pour-over but coarser than the one for espresso. Grinding your coffee at home guarantees the best results and ensures your coffee is freshly brewed every time. However, one benefit of the Moka pot is that it brews flavorful coffee even with pre-ground beans as long as it is the right size.

The Roast

Another name for the Moka pot is stovetop espresso maker because it also brews concentrated coffee. That is why the same roast profiles go well with either of the brewing techniques. A medium to dark roast makes richer and more flavorful types of coffee drinks. Roasts with notes of chocolatey, nutty are usually low in acid and have better mouthfeel. The Moka pot highlights these flavors and makes an excellent full-bodied java.  

Lighter roasts lead to uneven extraction and have a higher acidity level, so it is not ideal for a Moka pot. However, if you prefer sharp, acidic flavors associated with lighter roasts, you can try it with the Moka pot. Just make sure the grind size is precisely right and pack the filter basket with care.

The Beans

The Moka pot is an Italian brewing method, and it symbolizes Italy's coffee culture. The equipment is even on display in art design museums because of its traditional significance. If you do not know which brand of coffee beans to buy, then consider an Italian company. They have experience in Moka pot coffee and roast their beans to make them suitable for the conventional brewing technique.