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A Look into Naturally Sweet Coffee and its Brewing Process

It is a lesser-known fact, but not all coffee tastes bitter, and some coffee grounds can be naturally sweet. Those who own a French Press are aware of this, but some do not realize it until they visit a coffee shop that perfectly brews their coffee beans. Coffee lovers need to realize that they might not be exploring their beverage's full flavor potential and can significantly improve their drinking experience. 

Coffee Beans Have Sugar

Naturally, sweet coffee tastes sweet without adding creamers, sugar, or any other sweetener. All types of coffee beans contain natural sugars since they start as fruit. The coffee bean is the fruit's pit, and the raw version contains sucrose, glucose, xylose, and other forms of sugar. The coffee bean species determines how much sugar it has. Arabica has a higher sucrose content than Robusta beans, and the pits from ripe coffee fruits are generally sweeter than the overripe variety.

Roasting Sweet Coffee Beans

The reason you might not have tasted the sugar in plain coffee is that roasting removes all the sugar, fat, and carbohydrates from all types of coffee beans. The temperature at which baristas roast the beans breaks down all the natural sugars. Ideally, the roasting should occur at a temperature of 150-200°C. The heat and sugar react together to bring out the aroma and change the color of the beans. Dark roasts have more caramelized sugars because they heat them at a higher temperature and more extended.

Brewing Sweet Coffee

Even if we roast the beans to perfection, the brewing brings out the natural sweetness in coffee. If you brew the coffee for too long, it leads to over-extraction, giving the beverage a bitter flavor. The extraction takes place when the coffee beans meet the water, and it is this process that brings out the flavors.

The perfect brewing of coffee will bring out all the flavor notes, including the beans' sweetness. Some notes, such as fruity or chocolatey ones, will be sweeter in tone than the others. A light roast is generally fruitier, while a darker roast has chocolatey flavors. The preference for roasts depends on the person's flavor palettes. You can only feel the notes unique to a roast when the brewing process complements them. Learning the right way to brew coffee is an art that every coffee lover should invest in more.