Banka, China - Wood St Coffee

Banka, China - Wood St Coffee

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REGION Yunnan province, China PROCESS Washed VARIETAL Catimor (P3 / P4) ALTITUDE 1350 MASL NOTES Apples, lime, brown sugar FROM OUR IMPORTER - Indochina Farm / Washing Station information Banka farm and washing station is based in Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County, Yunnan and is named after the two adjacent villages (Banka Yi and Banka Er) where the coffee cherry is harvested. Our origin partners, Yunnan Coffee Traders manage Banka wet mill and a portion of the Banka farm, some 100 hectares of land, installing one of the region’s first optical sorters, experimenting with processing methods such as yeast fermentation and growing new varieties such as Pacamara and Yellow Bourbon. Indochina has worked in partnership with YCT since we first began importing coffees to the UK in 2016. As a pioneer of the Chinese specialty coffee industry in the Menglian County of Yunnan, YCT operates farming, mill, research, and training facilities. Its mission is three-fold: create opportunities for Yunnan farmers to engage in sustainable production practices employ industry best-practices for sourcing, processing, wholesaling, and exporting coffees supply coffee to importers and roasters who care about sustainability, traceability, and transparency Processing information Washed coffees are first pulped and then dry-fermented for 18 hours. Next, they are run through density channels before being spread out on drying patios for approximately 5-8 days. ALL PACKAGING IS CARBON NEUTRAL AND WIDELY RECYCLABLE

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