Eco Warrior Reusable Coffee Pod & Coffee Gift Set - Maverick Coffee

Eco Warrior Reusable Coffee Pod & Coffee Gift Set - Maverick Coffee

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The perfect coffee gift set for anyone who has a Dolce Gusto® or Nespresso® coffee pod machine. This coffee gift set is great for coffee lovers who are eco-conscious or starting out on their 'reusable' journey to reduce single-use plastic.

This Eco Warrior gift set contains:
1 x Reusable Pod Kit (for Dolce Gusto® or Nespresso®) including lids
1 x 250g Bag of Maverick's 'Perfect for Pods' Coffee (your choice of blend)
Illustrated Brew Card with Instructions (beautiful design for your fridge)
Welcome to the Sustainable Coffee Movement Club Postcard, featuring facts and how switching is contributing towards a greener planet.
A Small Chocolate Heart
The gift set is displayed beautifully in sustainable packaging including repurposed wood filling and a reusable/recyclable kraft cardboard box. 

Your coffee is ground to order using the perfect grind size for reusable coffee pods.

Ditch single-use capsules for good and switch to these eco-friendly, reusable stainless steel pods that are compatible with your Dolce Gusto® machine. They are super easy to use and clean. 

Environmentally Friendly: Contribute to reducing billions of single-use pods ending up in landfill every year.

Value for money: Refillable capsules are a much more cost effective option than buying pre-packed. 

 Freedom: Don't be restricted to the blends available from big brands. Filling your own capsules means the return of real, fresh coffee

 Easy to use & clean: Quick and simple to use. Easy to clean in sink or dishwasher.

Fertiliser for your plants. Place your used coffee grounds straight into soil to act as a natural fertiliser.

Choose from our popular range of 'perfect for pods' coffee from the drop down menu which we grind to order for your SealPod. This ensures the coffee is fresh and is tasting delicious

Perfect for Pods No.1 

ORIGIN: Brazil & India. 

TASTING NOTES: A rich and strong, full-bodied coffee with a depth of flavour making it the ideal choice for pod coffee.

Perfect for Pods No.2   (A Community Project Coffee)

ORIGIN: Costa Rica, Brazil and D.R Congo  

TASTING NOTES: A gorgeous, medium roasted coffee with notes of berry, hazelnut & chocolate.

Perfect for Pods No.3 

ORIGIN: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil. 100% Arabica.

TASTING NOTES: A full bodied coffee with fruity notes of apple, custard and toffee.

Perfect for Pods Decaf

ORIGIN: Uganda. 100% Arabica. 

TASTING NOTES: A rich, strong and full bodied decaf with delicate notes of fruit, honey and cinnamon.


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