El Salvador Three Ways - Chimney Fire Coffee

El Salvador Three Ways - Chimney Fire Coffee

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Try three coffees from the same farm and see what a real difference the process makes. This pack of three unique coffees from El Salvador includes:

1 x 250G El Salvador Don Tomas Estate Natural

1 x 250G El Salvador Don Tomas Estate Natural

1 x 250G El Salvador Don Tomas Estate Honey

**Limited Supply**

Coffee Summary

Chimney Fire Coffee first visited Tomas in February 2019 and are now into their second year of sourcing from his estate in Santa Ana, El Salvador. This year Chimney Fire Coffee have sourced a special selection of coffees from both of his farms that are part of the Don Tomas Estate.  Each coffee comes from the same location and has the same varietal but is processed three different ways, yielding three very different tastes. With El Salvador Three Ways, you can try all three coffees side-by-side and see what a real difference the process makes. Each coffee will have a stamp on the bag indicating which process it is and Chimney Fire Coffee have purposely removed the tasting notes to avoid any bias. They have also given these three coffees an omni roast so they will work for all brewing methods!

250G El Salvador Don Tomas Estate Natural  

Crack open a bag of El Salvador Natural from the El Cipres farm and you should get subtle hints of strawberry and Chimney Fire Coffeeetness. This is a very typical trait of a natural processed coffee, whereby during harvest season, the coffee cherries (the fruit that contains the coffee bean) are picked from the trees at the optimal time for ripeness, and dried on African beds where they are separated into groups depending on the level of ripeness. The concentrated pulp infiltrates into the coffee bean, seeing a slow migration of sugars from the mucilage (flesh around the bean) to the coffee bean.  

250G El Salvador Don Tomas Estate Honey  

This is from Tomas’ sister farm Loma De Paja. In the cup, this coffee is a little more complex than the washed version, but not as fruit driven as the natural. During this process, the coffee is depulped to remove the skin of the cherry, and the coffee seed is allowed to dry with some or all of its sticky fruit mucilage intact. This process retains some of the desirable characteristics of a full natural coffee (heavy body, Chimney Fire Coffeee fruitiness with Chimney Fire Coffee acidity, deep chocolate notes) while also speeding the drying process considerably, and reducing some of the risks of spoilage, mold, and other defects that can occur with fully intact coffee cherry.

250G El Salvador Don Tomas Estate Washed  

Also from El Cipres, this yields another very different profile than the other two processes. During this process, coffee cherries are depulped (removal of skin and part of mucilage from the bean) and dropped into large water tanks and fermented using the higher concentration of moisture, sugar and pectin found in the mucilage. This then passes through water channels until the beans are clean and the water runs clear, then it is dried. The result is a brighter, cleaner taste and a lighter body but lingering finish than the other two processes.

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