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How to Sample Coffee Like a Professional Connoisseur

Coffee sampling, also known as cupping, is the art of understanding and appreciating the subtle taste, fragrance, and nuances of coffee and its beans. It is a way to understand the different types of coffee beans and enjoy the taste by indulging in everything the beverage offers.

You can do it alone at home or hold a session for fellow java lovers and create your little club. There is no need for specialty machines because the cupping session does not require filtered coffee. Many London coffee shops and cafĂ© host cupping sessions, too, where they invite "Master Testers" from around the globe. 

Smell the Beans

The first step is to smell the beans before brewing the coffee. It usually requires freshly ground coffee beans because it is easier to identify the aroma when the coffee is ground. You will be able to identify some of the flavors during the first smell, which will help identify them in the taste. 

Pour and Smell

The second smelling is after we pour hot water over the grounds but only enough to cover them. It takes a minute for the coffee to bloom and release all the gases, after which you can pour in more hot water and let it steep for 4 minutes. After the time has elapsed, you can smell the coffee again and use your impressions to describe the smells. We recommend getting your nose as close to the liquid as possible for the best results.

Third Smell

After we remove the coffee grounds floating on the surface of the coffee and smell the pour underneath the grounds, the final smelling is after we remove the coffee grounds. It releases another burst of aroma, and each smelling adds another level of complexity to the flavor and elevates the senses.


The final round is tasting the beverage to allow your taste buds to take in everything you have been smelling. During this step, you take out all the grounds floating on the surface, discard them, and then use a spoon to sip the coffee. Let the coffee sit on your tongue and move over every region before you swallow to identify all the flavors. Savor the taste and then talk about first impressions, after which you can enjoy your coffee. 

A cupping session can have different types of coffee beans for sampling, but mostly it is about getting together with friends and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. It is not a competition, and there are no right or wrong answers because everyone has a different palate. The purpose of this activity is to enjoy coffee and broaden your knowledge of the beverage and explore London coffee shops