Maximum Charge - Super Strong Coffee

Maximum Charge - Super Strong Coffee

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 Maximum Charge is the strongest coffee in the UK. It's made from highly caffeinated single-origin Robusta coffee beans. Medium roast for a really smooth & complex taste, with notes of dark chocolate and toasted malt. Unlike other strong coffees it is not over-roasted and bitter. With over twice the caffeine of regular coffee Maximum Charge will make you become a morning person. 

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Single-origin Rwandan Robusta (fully washed) - 100%

Caffeine Content
Lab analysis shows that 25g of ground coffee brewed with 250ml of water gives you over 400mg of caffeine. We do not recommend drinking more than 2 cups per day. 

Which Grind?
For more information on the best grind type for your coffee maker head to the making coffee section.


What if I don't find it strong?
This is a medium roast coffee. If you prefer the rank, bitter taste of a dark roast you'll find this coffee pretty mellow. 

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