Smooth Bore

Smooth Bore

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Cannonball does not only make intense, highly caffeinated blends. Smooth Bore has introduced coffee grounds that make a mellow coffee cup, which is perfect for those who like their beverages with low caffeine. The flavor notes you can experience with Smooth Bore are sweet, nutty, and chocolatey. If a delicious cup of light coffee is what you need, then Cannonball's Smooth Bore is the right coffee for you.

Smooth Bore contains Brazilian Arabica coffee beans sourced from a single origin. They are blended with some Rwandan Robusta in an 80:20 ratio to give it a fuller, more delicious flavor. This blend makes the perfect cup of espresso but tastes just as good as regular coffee too.  

Which Grind?
For more information on the best grind type for your coffee maker head to the making coffee section.

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