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The Ultimate Guide to All the Popular Coffee Drinks

A lot of people have a minimal point of view when it comes to coffee. They do not realize that there is a whole world of coffee beyond the straight black kind. There are so many types of coffee drinks to try, and they all appeal to a specific audience. Some drinks are strongly caffeinated, while others use flavours to make them taste sweeter. Here is a list of the most popular variations of coffee and their descriptions. 


Black coffee is a simple affair, and it involves steeping ground coffee beans in hot water. It is a warm beverage, but it is the easiest to make and the most common breakfast staple item. It is called black coffee, but the proper, fancy name is cafĂ© noir. 


The Americano tastes very much like black coffee, but you make it using a shot of espresso. It requires the select sort of coffee beans, and the espresso is diluted with water to make it less caffeinated. The barista pours the shot of espresso first and then adds hot water to it.


The shot of espresso is highly caffeinated because the pressurized hot water passes through the coffee grounds. It is the base in many types of coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.


The second most popular caffeinated beverage is the latte which consists of a shot of espresso topped off with foamy steamed milk. It is enjoyed on its own or with a pump of flavours such as vanilla, caramel or pumpkin spice.


Cappuccino follows a method similar to a latte, but it uses more foam and less steamed milk. Some coffee joints sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon on top of it as well. There are variations where they use cream instead, and you can also add a flavour shot to the drink.


The macchiato also uses a shot of espresso as the base with some foam on top. It is not as concentrated as a double shot of espresso but more caffeinated than the cappuccino.


Chocolate and coffee lovers prefer the mocha, which is a chocolate flavoured espresso drink served with steamed milk and foam. It has a subtle yet sweet flavour of chocolate in every sip.

Flat White

The flat white is the Australian version of the cappuccino and its served without any foam or sprinkles. The espresso-based drink has only steamed milk on top.


Ice cream lovers will rejoice because the affogato contains a scoop of ice cream over a shot or two of espresso. The delicious coffee drink uses the dairy content in the ice cream as a substitute for milk. It tastes extra delightful paired with a brownie.