Maverick Coffee Company was born in 2014 by Pippa who made it her mission to serve amazing coffee from her little blue Piaggio ape. Fast forward a couple of years and Maverick has been turned into a brand name, leading the way in reusable coffee pods. Natalie (Pippa's sister) jumped on-board and they've pooled their talents to find the perfect products that Maverick customers would want to buy.

Maverick is very passionate about protecting the planet and champions eco-friendly products and packaging. It aims to bring you only the best eco-friendly coffee products; from reusable 'guilt-free' coffee pods, to freshly roasted, ethical coffee beans online for home.

Maverick has designed its very own 'perfect for pods' coffee range to cater for all reusable pod brands. Maverick’s coffee is lovingly grown and nurtured by talented and professional farmers, then purchased at fair and sustainable prices. Freshness has an impact on flavour, that’s why all Maverick’s coffees are ground and packed within 10 days of roasting.