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5 Valentine’s Day date ideas to consider amid Covid-19

The pandemic-induced lockdown has been hard on everyone, and we all need a break. With Valentine's Day around the corner, everyone is looking for gift ideas and scrounging to plan a safe date. However, most lovestruck fellows forget the essential rule: to relax and keep it simple. Experts suggest focusing more on the conversation and gestures than the actual venue or activity. Pamper yourself before the big day, sip a hot drink and remember to have fun. 

Here are a few ideas for a memorable lockdown date with your significant other.

1.     1. Partake in an Activity

Activity dates have become popular, especially if you are getting to know someone. They help you break the ice and also learn more about the type of person they are. An activity like pottery, puzzles, or painting might help you make effortless conversation and step out of your comfort zones. You can plan everything at home by ordering arts and crafts kits. There are many couples’ activities featured on the popular websites, so do check out their promotions.

1.     2.  Recreate a Café Experience


A coffee date might sound too simple, but not if you are building the café at home. Order unique coffee beans and brewing equipment, use mood lighting and set the table for two. Most companies have special deals for Valentine's day, and you can sip on love-inspired hot drinks while staying at home. This date idea is perfect for those who want to surprise their partner but do not have the skills to cook dinner. 

2.      3. Take a Walking Tour

You can download a map and explore a new part of the city and learn more about its history, or you could create a route yourself and introduce your date to your favourite spots. Grab a mask, holdhands and walk through familiar streets while pointing out your old school, an odd tree, or a funny sign. If you are a planner, then you can even hide small notes or trinkets for them to find along the way.

1.     4.  Learn a New Dance

Dancing is a great date idea for those who love to show off their moves. It can be romantic, like salsa or the waltz, because you have to hold each other close. If you are not well-versed with the steps, then there are online videos to guide you too. You can select one that is up to your speed and have fun. Who knows, you might pick up a new hobby and can go to actual dance clubs once it is safe.

2.    5.   Have a Picnic in the Garden

 It doesn't matter what you do on Valentine's day as long as you spend time with your loved one. You can prepare or order sandwiches and scones then take them out in the garden. Spread a blanket, enjoy the sounds of nature, and a cup of coffee. It is a great break from sitting inside, and you can get fresh air without wearing masks. Just take the opportunity to tell your partner with words how much they mean to you, and they will indeed consider it one of the best nights of their lives.