Coffee No.4 : House Blend (Fairtrade) - Maverick Coffee

Coffee No.4 : House Blend (Fairtrade) - Maverick Coffee

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ORIGIN: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica. 100% Arabica. Fairtrade.

TASTING NOTES: Subtle flavour notes of caramel, chocolate & toffee.

Let us introduce you to our No.4 House blend.

We are super proud of this blend and it has been our best seller since we began selling our coffee online in 2018. 

This delicious medium roast coffee was first introduced as an affordable flavour match of the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans. These sought after beans are some of the most expensive in the world and can cost around £200 per kilo. Instead we worked hard to achieve a really wonderful blend of beans to replicate the similar complexity of flavours of original Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. 

This medium roasted blend is smooth, mellow and nutty with notes of caramel and chocolate. The intense aroma of this coffee is perfectly balanced with its smooth and vibrant acidity that develops on the palette. It can be enjoyed at any time of day and can be made using any brew method.

Finding a coffee that can be enjoyed using any brew method is really tricky. It's either good for Espresso or filter but not both. However, we have absolutely nailed it with our house blend and our customers brew it all sorts of ways and it tastes great. Therefore, our No.4 House Blend is equally as delicious as an espresso. filter or french press.

Traceability is key for us. As with all coffee; demand and changing seasons means that the exact origin has to change from time to time. However, we work hard to ensure that we find a perfect flavour match when changing the estate that we use.

This coffee is available as 6 different grind types:
- Whole beans
- Fine (for espresso)
- Medium (for filter)
- Coarse (for cafetiere)
- Nespresso SealPod (for reusable SealPod capsules)
- Dolce Gusto SealPod (for reusable SealPod capsules)

Please choose your preferred grind-size from the drop-down menu when ordering. If you are unsure, read our 'Grind Guide'.

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